Young People Protest U.S. Election in New York, Washington, Nationwide

Text by Karen Savage | Photos by Devin Khan

NEW YORK — Chants of “not my president” and “love trumps hate” filled the air as thousands of young people stood shoulder to shoulder Wednesday night, filling the blocks around Trump Tower with signs reading: “Trump = Racist Rapist,” “Black Lives Matter,” “She Got More Votes” and “Trump, I’m LGBTQ and I’m not afraid of you.”

While Donald Trump’s election victory pointed a spotlight on vast racial, economic and cultural differences across the country, New Yorkers united to show their sadness, shock and anger over Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election. The rally, which started in Union Square Park, unified those people Trump has so vocally excluded.

Earlier in the day, dark clouds and rain added to the gloomy pall many New Yorkers felt after hearing the election results. Strangers hugged on the subway and bodega owners exchanged knowing glances with teary-eyed customers. Public school teachers struggled to explain to the sons and daughters of New York City’s large immigrant population why the only country they’ve ever called home had just voted for a man who has said they are no longer welcome.

After a somber day, people filled Union Square Park, spilling over into the surrounding streets before beginning the long march toward Trump Tower, located on New York’s ritzy 5th Avenue. More joined as the procession made its way up Broadway. Others waved from office windows and even New York’s notoriously impatient cab drivers honked in support, high-fiving marchers as they passed.

In front of Trump Tower, the day’s pent-up energy was released with dancing, chants and song.

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