Whitney Jones: December Photographer of the Month

Interview by Olivia Goss/
Photos by Whitney Jones

Whitney Jones, 20, from Atlanta, is our December Photographer of the Month winner. She competed against three others, and her photo received the most votes. Jones previously won the Photographer of the Week during the second week of December. We love her creativity and beautiful portrait work!

We interviewed Jones to get to know her better as a photographer and to share her advice for new photographers.

The photos in this story are Jones‘s original images (© Whitney Jones).

What is the story behind the photos you’ve submitted?

Whitney Jones young woamn with shoulder length light brown hair holding camera wearing standing in short red dress and long black jacket
Whitney Jones

Jones: Each photo I’ve submitted is so different, it’s hard to pinpoint a single story! I just love capturing each person’s individualized beauty and I believe that shows through in my photographs! Each photo has its own unique story behind how it came to be, but they all collectively reflect each person’s unique style and beauty!

Do you have a specific theme or topic that is the focus of your photography?

Jones: My overarching theme is self-confidence! I love doing shoots with women and men and being able to show them how beautiful they truly are! My favorite response from my clients is how shocked they were to see themselves through my eyes or how their confidence just boosted immensely!

What have you gained/experienced while working with this topic?

Jones: I’ve learned so much! Not only about photography and my unique style, but about all the different people I’ve worked with! They all have such unique backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences that brought them to where they are today and I love to highlight that during our shoots! Making sure one’s personality is seen in my photographs is super important to me.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t notice about you.

Jones: As well as a photographer, I’m currently studying to be a doctor! I will be applying to medical schools soon and hope to be a reconstructive surgeon for men and women who have had breast cancer!

What’s a piece of advice you would offer to other photographers to encourage their creativity?

Jones: To just be themselves!! It is so easy to get caught up in comparing your work to other photographers, & I still do this a lot. I just have to remind myself that my own work is unique to me and be proud of what I have accomplished, while also continuing to encourage those around me!

We at Bokeh Focus feel that Jones‘s portraits share her unique of vision of each young woman. We’re happy to be able to feature her creative work. Whitney, congratulations your winning portrait photography. We hope to see more of your photography in gallery shows!

View Jones‘s full size gallery here!

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