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The Definition of the American Dream By a Woman in Technology

Text by Carlos Alfaro/ Photos by Carlos Alfaro Federica Cabrera was born in Caracas, Venezuela. After high school, she briefly studied social communication in college in Venezuela before moving to Atlanta in 2001.  Caberara worked a […]

A Woman of Science & Technology

Text by Chessa Birrell/ Photos by Ambria Clark Ambria Clark, an industrial engineer at Lockheed Martin for the past 16 years, found her love of technology and engineering early in life. She is passionate about […]

The New Generation of Women in Tech: Meet Sarah Gaines

Text by Cameron Hurdle/ Photos by Daka David The technology field is becoming more diverse, not only culturally, but with more women, too. Since the field has historically been male-dominated, I looked for a woman […]

Healing, Empowering, and Justice

Text by Cassidy Valbrun/ Photos courtesy of Cassidy Valbrun This story highlights a woman leader making a difference in the South Asian community of Atlanta, impacted by domestic violence. Aparna Bhattacharyya received her bachelor’s degree […]

Melanie Page: A Leader From Birth

Text by Jayde Scogin/ Photos courtesy of Melanie Page Melanie Page was born to her Irish-Italian mother, Joan Ventura, in a “girls home” in Alabama. Ventura was only 17 years old at the time when […]

Never Stop Following Your Dreams

Text by Vaso Poulokefalos/ Photos Caroline Stephens Miles Caroline Stephens Miles has dedicated her career to helping injured athletes. She is currently the head athletic trainer for Madison County High School and has recently decided […]

Small Town Leaders with Big Impacts

Text by Dionna Russell/ Photos Lashanna Brooks Being from a town like Savannah, Georgia opens many opportunities to learn about history and even gives you the chance to create history. When I think of a […]

Poor Little Indian Girl from Poarch’ Becomes First Chairwoman of Alabama Tribe

Text by Kaylee Salter/ Photos courtesy of Megan Zamoro Stephanie A. Bryan is a proud wife, mother, and the first chairwoman of the only federally recognized Native American tribe in Alabama: The Poarch Band of […]

Many Hands Make Lighter Loads

Text by Jessica Strickland/ Photos by Jessica Strickland Debbie Booher is an advocate for the homeless in Austin, Texas. Along with working a full-time job, Booher has dedicated her life and free time to serving […]

An American Hero

Text by Della Sanford/ Photos by Elinor Sanford and the U.S. Army This story highlights the triumphs of an African American, lesbian soldier during twenty-two years of service in the Army, including deployment during the […]

Survivor, Mother, Principal & Activist

Text by Maddie Hughes/ Photos courtesy Maddie Hughes When tasked with finding a female leader in our community, I searched around to find one, and  realized that my own mother is a prime example. She […]

The Potential Within

Text by Ciana Bruce/ Photos by Charletta Cloud & Ciana Bruce Church and education sustained her passion for serving others. But her potential paved the path for a new service — leadership.  Jacquelyn Ponder, who […]

Standing in the Gap: The Life of Missionary Gussie Breedlove

Text by Stephanie Breedlove/ Photos courtesy of Gussie Breedlove One of the unsung heroes of the Atlanta community is Missionary Gussie Breedlove. This story explores her life and impact on poverty-stricken communities throughout Atlanta. Missionary […]