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Emma Walkington: August Photographer of the Month

Interview by Avery Fields/ Photos by Emma Walkington Emma Walkington, 19, from Phoenix, Arizona, is our August Photographer of the Month winner. She currently lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Walkington competed against three other photographers and […]

Survivor, Mother, Principle and Activist

Text by Maddie Hughes/ Photos courtesy Maddie Hughes When tasked with finding a female leader in our community, I searched around to find one, and  realized that my own mother is a prime example. She […]

The Potential Within

Text by Ciana Bruce/ Photos by Charletta Cloud & Ciana Bruce Church and education sustained her passion for serving others. But her potential paved the path for a new service — leadership.  Jacquelyn Ponder, who […]

Standing in the Gap: The Life of Missionary Gussie Breedlove

Text by Stephanie Breedlove/ Photos courtesy of Gussie Breedlove One of the unsung heroes of the Atlanta community is Missionary Gussie Breedlove. This story explores her life and impact on poverty-stricken communities throughout Atlanta. Missionary […]

Whitney Jones: December Photographer of the Month

Interview by Olivia Goss/ Photos by Whitney Jones Whitney Jones, 20, from Atlanta, is our December Photographer of the Month winner. She competed against three others, and her photo received the most votes. Jones previously […]

Atlanta: Then & Now — Lightning: Gone In a Flash

Text and Photos by Eric Naccarato A solitary figure walks along a lonely, worn-down stretch of road.  Behind her lies a wasteland of urban development and construction. A skeletal high-rise looms, a symbol of the […]