Shay Lamb: November Photographer of the Month

Interview by Avery Fields/
Photos by Shay Lamb

Shay Lamb, 20, from Greenville, South Carolina, photographs to capture memories for others. Lamb’s photograph received the most votes among the other nominees. She previously won Photographer of the Week second week of November.

We interviewed Lamb to share her advice and experiences with the Bokeh Focus community. She states, “I believe capturing happy times is truly magical”

The photos in this story are Lamb’s original images (© Shay Lamb).

What is the story behind the photos you’ve submitted?

Shay Lamb: Picture of a cat in a mailbox outside during daylight in front of an orange house
Greer, South Carolina
October 2022
Photo: Shay Lamb

Lamb: I have cats that I rescued when they were kittens. For the past couple of years, they have been with me through my travels and changes in life. These pictures are the moments I wanted to share with others.

Do you have a specific theme or topic that is the focus of your photography?

Lamb: At the time of taking the pictures I didn’t have a clear theme in mind. Looking back on the images now I can see each showing a prominent personality. So, I guess the theme could be capturing the personality of my kittens.

What have you gained/experienced while working with this topic?

Lamb: I grew a lot as a person! My overall health has gotten better. I’ve enjoyed the time of sharing the images on my social media accounts and seeing how others interact with it. It’s also aided me in appreciating my everyday life more, cherishing the moments of peace and happiness.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t notice about you.

Lamb: I’m a huge Kirby fan. I may be showing more of it in the future, but I love Kirby!

What’s a piece of advice you would offer to other photographers to encourage their creativity?

Lamb: I believe capturing happy times is truly magical. There is something special about capturing moments of joy. Also, there is something beautiful about sharing those moments with others and watching their facial expressions light up. Create uplifting art if you can!

We at Bokeh Focus admire Lamb’s passion to share her happiness through captured moments. Her advice and uplifting words of wisdom are appreciated. Thank you, Shay, for sharing your work with the greater Bokeh Focus community as well as your words of advice.

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