Emma Walkington: August Photographer of the Month

Interview by Avery Fields/
Photos by Emma Walkington

Emma Walkington, 19, from Phoenix, Arizona, is our August Photographer of the Month winner. She currently lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia. Walkington competed against three other photographers and her photo received the most votes. She previously won Photographer of the Week during the first week of August. She emphasizes the value of not letting a good photo opportunity be overlooked.

We interviewed Walkington to share her advice and experiences with the greater Bokeh Focus community. She said, “Go with the flow sometimes.”

The photos in this story are Walkington’s original images (© Emma Walkington).

What is the story behind the photos you’ve submitted?

Emma Walkington: clear blue skies with a bridge in the distance over a body of water
Mackinac Island, Michigan
August 2021
Photo: Emma Walkington

Walkington: My photos don’t have much of a story together, just things that I have seen along the way. Each photo by itself, though, has a story. 

Main Character – Photo 01: [This] is of dogs with goggles on who was just sitting outside a Starbucks with their owner who look like they could be the main characters of the story.

Small Moments – Photo 02: My dog passed not too long ago, and so after a week, I was going through old photos and I stumbled upon this photo that was never edited from a few months ago.

Koi – Photo 03: This fish was in a pond and reminded me of my best friend’s and my matching tattoos.

Mack-an-ack – Photo 04: [This] is actually an inspiration of a photo my aunt took about 30 years ago. And the name is inspired by my little cousins who called the island that while in Michigan.

Boatman – Photo 05: Two guys who we’re working on a boat that I happened to pass by were looking over the edge to make sure that the rope was getting tied properly by the guy on the dock.

Birdsview – Photo 06: During quarantine I walked to my neighborhood a lot and this red bird just happens to be sitting on the other side of the bush.

Moon – Photo 07: This was during a Harvest moon during a road trip, when I happened to capture the beauty.

Desert Streets – Photo 08: This was taken in Arizona in an old town from when the state was founded.

Do you have a specific theme or topic that is the focus of your photography?

Walkington: I like to use framing a lot in my work and recently I’ve been into street photography a lot more.

What have you gained/experienced while working with this topic?

Walkington: I have learned not to overlook things. If something might be a good photo I take it, even if it isn’t good, at least I didn’t miss a good photo opportunity.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t notice about you.

Walkington: I look like I know what I’m doing but I really have so much to learn and experience.

What’s a piece of advice you would offer to other photographers to encourage their creativity?

Walkington: Don’t forget that you’re creating art with photography and it’s not something you should overthink. Go with the flow sometimes.

We at Bokeh Focus appreciate the raw, spontaneous of Walkington’s approach to her photography. Capturing her environment at a moments notice, Walkington practices making the most out of every photogenic opportunity. Emma, thanks for sharing your work and words with the greater Bokeh Focus community. We hope you continue to capture images.

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