From She To He: A Transgender Journey of Self-Discovery

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[two_third] [pullquote]Reporting by Chandra Thomas.
Photography by Clay Duda.[/pullquote]Rare is the kid who wasn’t thrown headways into a locker, had an unkind comment throw in their direction, suffered through a disagreement with parents or grappled with friendship issues.

Most of us, though, never faced the challenges of young people who happen to be struggling with their sexual or gender identity. School can be intolerable. Family relations and friendships can disintegrate.

In this series JJIE looks into the lives of three young people — one gay, one lesbian and one transgender — who detail their very personal journeys from their darkest to their most joyful moments.

What they experienced was not easy, but what Chandra Thomas’ stories of these remarkable young people show, is the ultimate triumph of the human spirit.
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