Battling Meth: A Mother’s Road to Recovery

Collaborative Project by Shaddi Abusaid, Daniela Duron, Elizabeth Keener, Roger Newton and Lindsay Walker

Lindsay Curio sits on the porch of her family’s trailer. It’s a crisp, cool November morning, and the leaves on the trees are finally beginning to change color. The morning light shines through the porch screen as Lindsay’s 20-month-old son, Tristen, roams around the porch laughing and dancing as he plays with a cell phone.

Tristen is Lindsay’s third child. Her other two children were taken from her by the Department of Family and Children Services. They didn’t think a young woman caught in the throes of meth addiction was fit to raise children.

Lindsay doesn’t use meth anymore, but the drug controlled her for 12 years, dictating her every move from the time she became addicted as a young girl.

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