Atlanta Photographers Capture Protest & Unrest

Photos by Juan Pablo Ocampo & Luke Crawford

Civil unrest has spread across the nation since the death of George Floyd. Dozens of cities have witnessed young people turning out in huge crowds demanding system change against police brutality.

Photographers Juan Pablo Ocampo and Luke Crawford have been covering the demonstrations in Atlanta since May 2020.

Both these Atlanta-based photographers say history is their inspiration and motivation to attend protest to capture images.

Ocampo says, “If the events happening right now are not recorded, will people truly remember the magnitude of change that has happened? It is a photographer’s job to make sure that history is captured for people of future generations to see so that they can be better informed and more prepared.”

Crawford says, “I enjoy documenting history. My inspiration would come from the fact that history is always best expressed through a combination of images and words.”

You can find more protest photography on their respective Instagram pages: @1juan_pablo and @l_craw

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