Andrea Klerides: June Photographer of the Month Interview

Interview by Ciara Lawrence/
Photos by Andrea Klerides

Andrea Klerides, 31, from Queens, New York, is our June Photographer of the Month winner. She competed against four other photographers for this title and her photos received the most votes. 

We interviewed Klerides to get to know her better as a photographer and to share her experiences and advice for all photographers to see. 

All the photos in this gallery are Klerides’s original images (© Andrea Klerides).

Andrea Klerides June Photographer of the Month smiling headshot with brown hair pulled back and burgany and born silk scarf cowl around her neck
Andrea Klerides

What is the story behind the photos you’ve submitted?

Klerides: There was a justice for George Floyd rally happening in the {Astoria neighborhood] park close to my home. The speakers were so passionate in their pleas for justice and wanting Americans to come together and protect and understand one another. It was humbling to see the raw emotion these people felt and how they were so willing to express that in front of strangers.

Do you have a specific theme or topic that is the focus of your photography?

Klerides: Most of my photography is centered around families and events (both family and corporate events) but sometimes I get the opportunity to cover breaking news such as this rally for justice for George Floyd. I originally worked in news so when the events surrounding Black Lives Matters arose, I wanted to get out there to share these powerful images with everyone. It’s important. Many people have been living without the knowledge or without acknowledging what has been going on for so long.

What have you gained/experienced while working with this topic?

Klerides: Being right in the middle of the protests taught me more about the pain our friends and neighbors are feeling during this time and how important it is to listen and support one another.

Tell us something about yourself that most people wouldn’t notice about you.

Klerides: From my work, most people wouldn’t know I’m a newshound. I get such a rush heading to a breaking news situation, covering it, getting all of the important photos, and then rushing to get them out to the public as soon as possible. It’s probably why I love weddings so much, it’s constantly go, go, go!

What’s a piece of advice you would offer to other photographers to encourage their creativity?

Klerides: Boredom. I know it sounds crazy, but some of the best ideas come out of simply not overthinking, just clearing your mind and being bored. I’ve used some of the downtimes I’ve had during quarantine to just be bored and some of my best and most creative ideas have come from that. There’s no pressure. Just you and your thoughts.

We at Bokeh Focus find Klerides‘s photography truly conveys the action and emotions of a live event. We’re very happy to be able to feature her work. Andrea, congratulations again on your excellent photographic coverage of this protest rally. We hope to see your photography in an exhibit or news publication in the future!

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