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Showcasing Youth Photography & Photojournalism

Featured Photographers

Our featured photographers are chosen by our Bokeh Focus photography editor. We publish photo galleries of curated work and photographer interviews on this website, in Instagram stories and posts @Bokeh_Focus, and in our 3D virtual galleries.

Camera aperature lens with rainbowed surface in black metal ringIf you have pix you want us to see, tag them with @Bokeh_Focus (remember the underscore!)

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See the photography and interviews of all our featured photographers, including the 2020-2022 Photographers of the Month* contest winners, on our Instagram @Bokeh_Focus and on this website.

* Our Photographers of the Month contest has been retired and galleries and interviews now feature our editor’s curated collections.

Photojournalism by Our Partner Publications

Youth Today, the Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) and Fresh Take Georgia, our partner publications, are published by the Center for Sustainable Journalism, and written by a team of dedicated professional journalists working to bring you the latest news and information from across our nation affecting youth and juvenile justice, and local Georgia news focused on state government, business, health and local communities. We share the stories they publish that have large collections of photos as stories and galleries here on Bokeh Focus.

Youth Today is a national, nonprofit, independent news source for people who care about and work with children and youth. For more than 35 years Youth Today has published in-depth reporting on issues affecting youth including foster care and child welfare, juvenile justice, youth with disabilities, education, out-of-school time, youth development, and more.

The Juvenile Justice Information Exchange (JJIE) is a nonprofit, independent news source for people who care about children and the law. JJIE publishes in-depth reporting on the U.S. juvenile justice system and its far-reaching impact on children and youth.

LOGO FTG horizontal - Black, purple and gold on white Fresh Take Georgia is a digital news service offering Georgia news from a fresh perspective focusing on Georgia’s state government, including the legislature and other issues of statewide, regional or national interest. It aims to bridge the gap in local journalism by providing in-depth, fact-based, fair and balanced investigative journalism to Atlanta and all local communities in Georgia by listening, digging and reporting the topics that matter most to Georgians.