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Bokeh Focus 2020 Annual Exhibit

Societal Norms Altered

Our fourth annual virtual photography exhibit features the work of emerging photographers and photo journalists depicting what the new world of isolation looks like for them during the COVID-19 crisis. The eight shows in the exhibit feature photography from the metro Atlanta area, the nation and the world.

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In the months following our November 13, 2020 exhibit we shared stories with artists’ statments and galleries about the photographers featured in the exhibit. Use the links below to explore their work here on Bokeh Focus.

New Partnerships for 2020-2021

We are happy to announce the partnership of Bokeh Focus with the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California. Our 2020 exhibit and our 2021 initiatives will launch in collaboration with the award-winning Getty Unshuttered photography program that is generously supported by the Genesis Inspiration Foundation.

We also welcome the National Press Photographers Association, which joins our exhibit for the first time this year in support of photojournalists working around the globe to document a historic and unprecedented year under extraordinary circumstances.

You can help support Bokeh Focus and our publisher, the Center for Sustainable Journalism, by donating today. For the fourth year in a row we are participating in the annual gift-matching fundraiser, NewsMatch.

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Our Bokeh Focus Immersive Virtual 3D Gallery

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Watch our gallery opening livestream with a guided tour, artists’ interviews plus a Q&A!

Artists Essays & Statements

Below we are sharing some of the artists’ essays and a statement on isolation. These images are part of the gallery exhibit. For some visitors it may be easier to read them on this website. Enjoy!
Isolation essay artist Lauren
Isolation essay by Megan Kuhn
Isolation essay by Ella Weaver
Isolation essay by Sarah J.
Isolation essay artist statement by Nikki Raitz