2021 Spring Exhibit — “In Pursuit of Justice”

Our spring 2021 photography exhibit had a fun and insightful live-streamed opening on April 22. Take a look – link below. Our 3D immersive virtual exhibit showcases personal perspectives on justice from young photographers impacted by the juvenile justice system. Many are youthSpark program participants. These youth participated in photography workshops in early spring run by our Atlanta-based creative partner, VOX ATL.

BF 2021 Exhibit April 22 In Pursit of Justice in Black & White on banner

Scroll down to watch the project documentary or tour our 3D exhibit.

In the week following our 2021 exhibit, we created galleries with all the artists’ statements, poems and photographs featured in the exhibit. Use the links below to explore their creative work here on Bokeh Focus.

A’Reise — Their gallery.Chiron — Their gallery.Darri — Her gallery.Ita — Her gallery.Jackson Barrett — Their gallery.Magical Raphael — Their gallery.Marie — Her gallery.Mysterious Eye — Their gallery.Reklaw — Their gallery.Workshop Visitors Show — Their photos.

“In Pursuit of JUSTICE” Project Documentary

Click here to watch the exhibit trailer.

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In Pursuit of JUSTICE Partners

Bokeh Focus’ spring 2021, 3D immersive virtual exhibit — “In Pursuit of Justice” —was produced in partnership with the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles (supported by the J. Paul Getty Trust) and Bokeh Focus at the Center for Sustainable Journalism.

The April exhibit launched in collaboration with the award-winning Getty Unshuttered photography program that is generously supported by the Genesis Inspiration FoundationThis innovative multi-year, multi-platform photography program is a community for young artists that fuels their creative growth with direct access to artists, skill-building resources, curators and of course art.

In 2020-21, Getty Unshuttered 3.0 is focusing on the theme of “In Pursuit of ___.” With Bokeh Focus, through the Center’s partnership, we created our spring exhibit, “In Pursuit of Justice.” 

Getty’s Mission

LOGO Gtty-Unshuttrd-Genesis Foundation

The J. Paul Getty Trust is a cultural and philanthropic institution dedicated to the presentation, conservation and interpretation of the world’s artistic legacy. Through the collective and individual work of its constituent programs — the Getty Conservation Institute, the Getty Foundation, the J. Paul Getty Museum (collectively the “Getty”) and the Getty Research Institute — the Getty pursues its mission in Los Angeles and throughout the world. Serving both the general interested public and a wide range of professional communities, the Getty promotes a vital civil society through an understanding of the visual arts. 

One Collaboration: Two Exhibits

Bokeh Focus’ collaboration with Getty Unshuttered is a series of activites including two virtual exhibits:

2020 — Part one of the series produced our fall 2020 3D virtual gallery photography exhibit, “The New World: Isolation.” View more about the exhibit here.

2021 — Part two of the series is Bokeh Focus in collaboration with the Getty Artists Program, the Museum’s Department of Education, Public Programs, and Interpretive Content (EPPIC). We developed a series of photography workshops focused on the Unshuttered theme, “In Pursuit of Justice.” We collaborated with our Atlanta-based creative partner, VOX ATL (see below), to staff and run workshops for justice-involved youth in early spring. Together, we produced a public virtual exhibit with a live-streamed opening on April 22 with photographs created by the workshop participants. Their work will also be highlighted on the Getty Unshuttered app, as well as curated at subsequent Getty Unshuttered events at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. 

Our Creative Partner VOX ATL

 LOGO voxalt
VOX ATL is leading a youth-voice movement where teens from diverse backgrounds create a stronger, more equitable community through leadership and uncensored self-expression. Our vision is a culture where teens are creating, leading and thriving. VOX ATL is committed to amplifying the voices of teens through youth-development programming and intentional community partnerships. Please visit VOXATL.org for more about this nonprofit partner. 

Our Workshop Partner youthSpark

LOGO youthSpark turquoise and gold on white

SPARKING A BRIGHT FUTURE! We create a safe space for vulnerable teens to pave their way to a bright and positive future. By empowering youth to advocate for themselves and use the tools we provide, we support their families as well, and also transform the communities they live in. youthSpark’s mission is to provide cutting-edge services, education and advocacy to combat youth trafficking,  exploitation and abuse. Please visit youth-spark.org to learn more about this non-profit partner and its programs.

Our Bokeh Focus Immersive Virtual 3D Gallery

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